Bibb County:  Sept. 13, 2017

Photo: Rep. Weaver is welcomed to the Executive Committee by New Mexico Senator 
Carroll Leavell (Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research Chairman)
 and Wyoming Senator Eli Bebout (Energy Council Chairman).

Bibb County Representative April Weaver has been appointed by Alabama House Speaker “Mac”McCutcheon to serve on the Executive Committee of the Energy Council.

“Given the role of energy in supporting Alabama’s economy, it is a privilege to represent the state on the Energy Council,” Representative Weaver stated, “It’s proving to be valuable to discuss resource issues and electric policy matters with my legislative peers from throughout the South and West, as well as Canada. It’s particularly helpful in determining the types of policies which may best serve Alabama’s interests.”

The Energy Council is a legislative organization of 12 energy-producing states and two Canadian provinces. The Council and its member legislators consider federal energy and environmental policy, work cooperatively among their states and provinces on such policy issues and encourage dialogue on energy issues at all levels.

Serving with Representative Weaver on the Executive Committee, on behalf of Alabama, are Speaker McCutcheon, Senator Gerald Allen and Senator Jabo Waggoner. The Energy Council was formed in 1975 and welcomed the State of Alabama as a member 30 years ago. Rep. Weaver represents House District 49 in Alabama which includes portions of Shelby, Bibb and Chilton Counties.