AHSAA:  June 01, 2017 5:59 PM

The Alabama High School Athletic Association names 2017 “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” award recipients.

According to the Alabama High School Athletic Association Executive Director Steve Savarese,  “The recipients in this 2017 Making a Difference class are excellent examples of men and women who take their positions as role models for their students, faculty and community very seriously. They are each outstanding choices for what this award stands for. Each have had a major positive impact in their communities and schools and across the state.  This award is the most important honor a professional educator in our state can receive. Characteristics considered for this prestigious award include the recipient’s character, integrity and service, all of which have enabled these individuals to have a life-changing impact on the community or school where they serve.”

Savarese said this special award exemplifies what makes education-based sports so important.

“This is one way we can honor them for the examples they set and the life lessons they teach on a daily basis,” he said.

The seven winners will be honored next month in Montgomery, as part of the AHSAA’s annual summer convention.


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