Jerry Pow, Chairman of the Bibb County Republican Party, made the following announcement on Friday, February 24, following the death of elected Coroner Duane Scott Cox:

“Due to the death of our recently elected county coroner, Scott Cox, the Bibb County Republican Party will be accepting resumes to fill this vacancy. Resumes will be forwarded to the Governor of Alabama who will appoint a replacement.  Due to the urgency to fill this vacancy we ask that all interested applicants promptly forward a resume by March 6 to Bibb County GOP, P.O. Box 446 Centreville, Alabama 35042 OR you may email it to Law enforcement or medical experience is preferred and should be included in resume.”

Scott Cox was elected to the Office of Coroner on November 6, 2016, assumed the duties of office in early January and was officially sworn into office in a formal ceremony at the Bibb courthouse on January 17, 2017. He died unexpectedly on February 20, 2017.