By: David Daniel

Sometimes folks are quick to lump things into one big basket in an effort to quickly convey a point.   Sometimes that may not be the the best way to describe things.

Bibb County’s Woodstock Elementary School doesn’t fit very well into Governor Bentley’s basket.   Bibb County has an outstanding school and we want the world to know it!




Our education system in this state sucks,” declared Governor Robert Bentley.

Those comments have a lot of people asking tough questions about the education that children in Alabama are receiving. Bentley made those comments this week based on N.A.E.P. scores that show a dead last ranking in 4th grade math.

2016 ACT Aspire scores are now in. One rural elementary school in Bibb County is beating the odds when it comes to math scores.

Woodstock Elementary School is above the national average in math scores for third and fourth grade students.

Woodstock facing some challenging numbers of its own. The school system says 54 percent of students are considered to live in poverty. The median household income in Bibb County is about $38,000. Ten percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Despite those numbers, the students at Woodstock are excelling in math.

The school credits teachers like Sheryll Morris.

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