Numerous Sightings of Large Light In The Sky This Morning.

October 12, 2016: Around 6:47 This Morning Many Witnessed One Of Natures Great Wonders In The Sky.


At approximately 6:47am this morning many folk in Bibb County Alabama were surprised to see a great light in the sky moving form the East to the West and appearing to descend toward our neighbors.  The Bibb Voice has been digging through social media and news sites to determine if we are the only ones who have been exposed to this exciting event.

Here are some of our findings all the way from Tennessee to Louisiana and more:


SOURCEMetairie, La. -(WGNO)- WGNO News
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David Daniel, 67, is a resident of Bibb County and lives in Centreville. In 1982 David, with the help of wife Karen, designed and built the first Cable TV system in Bibb County which served all municipalities in the county. In 11/03/2008, David co-authored a book on behalf of the Centreville Historic Preservation Commission called "Bibb County", Images of America, ISBN: 9780738567297. More than 109 families and individuals contributed to this community effort. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren and he enjoys working with local history enthusiasts.