Are you old enough to know who Shorty Price is? How about George Wallace? I know, you have heard of George Wallace but did you really know him? Southerners knew the real George, not just the image. Have you ever attended a football game at Legion Field? Did you ever see the short guy in the top hat marching around in front of the student section and the cheerleaders waving flags, sometimes the opponents flags, which he would throw down and stomp on, just to get the crowd riled up. As the day wore on sometimes it may have appeared that he had a bit too much to drink. Might have been some truth in that. Well, that guy was probably Shorty Price, and not only was he a Bama fan, he was a self appointed Bama cheerleader who also ran for governor every year when George Wallace was running for governor. Never won, never came close, but he was entertaining and unforgettable. He still comes up in a lot of conversations about politics or Alabama football and especially when you mention Legion Field. How many people who ever ran for Governor that never got more than 5% of the vote can you name today? Shorty Price is not likely to ever be forgotten in Alabama politics. Cliff Sims of Yellowhammer News has written an entertaining remembrance of Shorty and you can find it by clicking on the link. We miss you Shorty!