UPDATED 9/16/2016 AT 7:15 P.M.

Colonial PipelineColonial Pipeline, a major pipeline operator, discovered on September 9 a major gasoline leak in one of their pipelines that carries refined gasoline from Houston to New York, through Shelby County. This was reported by Al.com on September 14 and by that time more than 250,000 gallons of fuel had leaked in a remote area of Shelby County. The leak is in a remote wooded area East of the Cahaba River and West of Helena and Alabaster, Alabama. Colonial Pipeline reports that more than 500 employees and contractors are on the site currently responding to the spill.

Cahaba Riverkeeper has posted an article on Facebook about their conservation and monitoring efforts which can be found at this link.

On Thursday September 15, Governor Bentley declared a state of emergency because the shutdown of the pipeline for repairs may cause gasoline shortages. More information may be found at this link on the WIAT news site. 


Colonial has a pipeline response website at helena.colonialresponse.com which may provide updated information. It was last updated on September 16 at 7 pm with pictures and video. Spillage estimates have been revised and are larger than previously reported. Colonial lists a Community Assistance Hotline (1-866-601-5880) and a Media Relations #(678-762-2903).

Colonial Pipeline

Cahaba Riverkeeper requests that all volunteers monitor areas near the Cahaba River and report any evidence of contamination or seepage of gasoline or other contamination near or into the river or other tributaries. See the Cahaba Riverkeeper page for contact information.