Just when you think young people don’t know and don’t care about our heritage and our history; and just when you think that young people lack eloquence, incisiveness, and good old fashioned literary skills; just then you run across something like this article..(click on the link)… you are instantly refreshed, and the Colin “Kraperniks” of the world shrink to insignificance.

In case you just tuned in, Mr. Kaepernik is a has been millionaire quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers who decided to snub our National Anthem by remaining seated during pre-game ceremonies last weekend. Instantly, the liberal population and the press writers proclaim his “free speech” defense and even the 49ers publicly say he has the right to demonstrate his opinions about our country. This is another example of how our society has twisted hard earned constitutional rights and started the slide into a meaningless nothing without human or social value.

The Declaration of Independence signers put something of real value on the table when they decided to demonstrate against their government and tyrannical king. What did they risk? They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in defense of the document they signed. What more did they have to give in 1776? They risked it all and before the revolution ended almost all paid with their lives.

I don’t have to recount for you the blood that has been shed to defend the action taken by the revolutionists, the battles that have been fought over the last 240 years and the lives that have been lost or wounded in defense of our country and our flag. You know the stories and you know of the heroes. You have seen the battlefields, the cemeteries, and the monuments that are there to remind us of the price that was paid in blood for the liberties we freely enjoy and take for granted today. Freedom is not free.

So here is my message for all of you “free speechers” out there. Before you decide to exercise your inherited constitutional right to insult our country or desecrate our flag ask yourself if you have the guts to risk “your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor”. If you don’t then do us all a solid: zip it.



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