Richard Moeck, longtime volunteer with DHR, has begun a program for Bibb County men of all types. During these meetings, a small group of men gather together to encourage one another, strengthen each other, and hold each other accountable in their walk with the Lord through the tough seasons of life. Discussion in these meetings is often prompted either by video curriculum or by conversation about events and challenges each other is facing. During the week, the men keep in touch through “A Call For Men” Facebook group and private “A Call For Men” Facebook chat.

It’s very much generational,” Moeck stated in reference to the challenges in our communities with crime, abuse, and broken families. “Men have got to be responsible to change things. I think that all of us need it—I get something from it; you get something from it; we all get something from it. And in the process, as the whole community of men starts to understand what our job is as a ‘Biblical man,’ and as we lift up other men to mentor some of the other guys that will need to come along through it, then we as a society can move forward—using Christ as our example.”

Moeck has talked with local attorneys, Judge Craig Cargile, personnel within probation, Sav-A-Life, and DHR about participation in the program on Saturdays.

Habits are very hard to change. Biblical counseling works with the power of the Holy Spirit to change the heart—and that’s the only way you can change something for good….Is society going to be better with or without people working together for biblical manhood, and having a support group continue to help them to move through the system?”

According to Bibb County resident Bryon Donner, “I have never experienced such a discipleship course such as ‘A Call For Men.’ It has lead me to search deep within myself to, by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, interact with the men of this group to seek and find the roots of what ails me. Hearing that my fellow man deals with some of the same issues that I deal with has allowed me to be open and honest with people; I never had this quality, nor ever desired it before ‘A Call For Men’….We have connected with each other that we may move forward in our Lord Jesus, the Christ—not only that we may mature in Him, but that as He leads us we may (as a group and individually) live and lead others to be the kingdom men which He has called us to be.”

Derrick Davis, a resident from Brent, says that “‘A Call for Men’ has been lifechanging for me. It’s allowed me to look at problems I’ve had in my life and, with the help of the men and most importantly Jesus Christ, I’ve been able to start facing these issues. It’s comforting to know that these men are going through stuff just as much as I am. We all have crap in our lives we’d hope to forget or get over, but we never do because we think we can stuff it into a hole and leave it there. A call for men forces you to ‘man up’ and face these issues that way you can finally be able to move on. It’s made my relationship with my son, wife, and daughter so much stronger. It’s something we all as men need.'”

The next class begins on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Please contact Richard Moeck for more information at

Next Start Date:
Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saturday mornings, 8:00am

10 Hazel Street
Centreville, Alabama 35042
Brent, AL